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Radio Hall of Fame Announces This Year's Inductees, Includes Cokie Roberts


Radio Hall of Fame inductees are announced every year, but we are especially excited for someone who will get the honor this year.


COKIE ROBERTS: Well, it's most likely that there are not enough votes in the House of Representatives to impeach the president.

GREENE: That is our late colleague Cokie Roberts. She died about a year ago after a storied career in radio and television news.


Her induction into the Radio Hall of Fame is one of many accolades. She also received three Emmys and is in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, too. She made her career over many decades at ABC and NPR. In fact, she was around at NPR's founding, and she was an advocate of making NPR a good place to work for women with families.


ROBERTS: In recent years, we've heard this business about mommy wars and leaning in and all this stuff, you know? And it's just - the conversation to me that's worth having is a conversation about equal pay for equal work, about making the workplace a far more caretaker-friendly place to be.

GREENE: Here is NPR's Susan Stamberg, another of NPR's so-called founding mothers.

SUSAN STAMBERG, BYLINE: Cokie has been a model for all of us. She was a child of the Congress. She grew up to be its brilliant observer. She connected democracy and the truth always and was deeply committed to it. She demonstrated it in every report that she did and in all her behavior as an individual.

GREENE: Susan Stamberg reflecting on her longtime colleague Cokie Roberts, who has been named to the Radio Hall of Fame.

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