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This is one of my favorite questions to ask people: What was the last thing you taught yourself how to do?


It's probably safe to say that you wish you had more hours in the day, and it seems there's an endless number of resources out there proffering easy solutions for time mastery and ultra-efficiency. But the real answer might involve changing our relationship with the clock. Life Kit's Andee Tagle has more.

Good time management begins with accepting your mortality.

It's not the only step in the process, of course, but according to author Oliver Burkeman, it's an essential element that many a productivity-minded or optimization-inclined individual often forgets.


So getting a little personal here, when is the last time you felt jealous? It's not a pleasant feeling. And if it's mishandled, jealous feelings can lead to anything from internal strife to actual violence. But when it comes to romantic jealousy, the experience doesn't have to be all bad. Life Kit's Andee Tagle has more on reframing jealousy in romantic relationships and why it's more complex than you might think.

Jealousy is such a complex emotion.

One minute, you and your partner are doing just fine, walking down the street, having a laugh. Then, it hits you: maybe you're set off by the wayward glance of an attractive stranger or an invitation to hang out with that hilarious coworker they won't stop talking about.

Spikes of rage, fear, possessiveness, sadness — we all experience romantic jealousy differently, but the common denominator is the feeling of that inner alarm bell going off.

Lovesick. Lovestruck. Heartbroken. Crazy in love.

So often, our language around romantic love makes it feel like it's out to get us: we're captive passengers on a high-speed train to an unknown destination; jolly patients of the same contagious, all-consuming malady; victims of some inescapable, omnipotent force.

Everyone's talking about having a "hot vax summer," but what if you're instead bracing for a "lukewarm return to awkward chitchat with people you find attractive?"

That is to say, with bars opening, parties being a thing again and masks coming off across the country — it's a big summer for flirting, which is hard for some people, even in a normal year, mostly out of fear of rejection, says Jean Smith, author of the book Flirtology: Stop Swiping, Start Talking and Find Love.

Zoom meetings. Virtual happy hours. Facetime dates. We've been living in a pandemic world for over a year now, and for better or worse, many of us are used to our new social routines.

But as vaccinations ramp up and restrictions begin to loosen across the country, the new question is: Are we ready? After so much time apart, do we even know how to socialize in person anymore?

It doesn't take an expert to know that money is so much more than dollars and cents. Our relationship with money is emotional. Hopes and fears, guilt and shame — they can all play a significant role in your financial life.

And those feelings can be tied to lots of things: our upbringing, our environment, plus, y' know, all the money messaging in the world and the media.

But honing those feelings and creating your own strong, secure financial voice? That takes some expertise.


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This story is adapted from Life Kit's weekly newsletter, which arrives in inboxes each Friday. Subscribe here.

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