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Senate Health Bill Could Force 1.34 Million Off Insurance In NC


1.34 million North Carolinians could lose health insurance if the Senate health care bill became law, according to the liberal think-tank the Center for American Progress.  The group evaluated numbers by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that found 22 million Americans could lose health coverage under the Senate plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  That plan was delayed and is being tweaked by Republican leaders in Congress as they work to shore up support.  The Senate bill is wildly unpopular.  An NPR poll released last week found just 17 percent of Americans approve of it.

The analysis looked at various Congressional districts and found North Carolina would be among the hardest hit.  David Anderson, a research associate at the Duke University Margolis Center for Health Policy, said although the analysis comes from a liberal group, the methodology was straightforward and gives us a good, if not precise, sense of who could be most impacted by the GOP bill.


BPR's Jeremy Loeb spoke with Anderson about the study.