Erlanger Health Lays Off Murphy Hospital CEO Amid COVID-19 Revenue Losses

Jun 23, 2020

Erlanger Health System has laid off CEO Mark Kimball of Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital in Murphy.

The health system laid off 11 leadership positions throughout the Erlanger Health System due to revenue losses associated with COVID-19. 

“As the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, we not only had to continue our mission caring for this region’s most vulnerable, acutely ill populations, but also incur the significant costs associated with preparing for and treating COVID-19 patients,” says Dr. Will Jackson, President and CEO of Erlanger, in a statement. 

“We lack perfect visibility into the future and recognize uncertainties are before us, but Erlanger is strong and resilient.  We have a long history of being here when our communities need us.  Please rest assured that we are making decisions to help ensure Erlanger’s essential role as the region’s only full-service healthcare provider,” states communications provided by Erlanger. 

The Chattanooga-based health system appointed Stephanie Boynton to be the new CEO in addition to her current roles as the CEO of Erlanger Bledsoe Hospital and Sequatchie Valley, which are both in Tennessee. 

 Ninety-three non-clinical positions were also eliminated across the system but Erlanger says that it cannot provide a breakdown of these positions across the health system “out of respect for the employees’ privacy.” 

Boynton previously served as Interim CEO of Erlanger Western Carolina following Erlanger’s acquisition of Murphy Medical Center in 2018. She has been with the Erlanger Health System for the past 19 years.


“We will continue to recruit new physicians to this area, and work closely with employees and the current medical staff to provide much-needed services to this community,” says Boynton in a statement "As with our healthcare facilities in Bledsoe and Sequatchie Counties, it is important to those living in this area that they can be treated within their community, remaining close to their homes, families, friends and support groups.”