Maya Rodale

One of the most beloved tropes in Romancelandia is enemies-to-lovers, for the sparring and sparks on the way to surrender. It's also a heightened version of what we love in a romance novel: Love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, and rewarding our unshakable faith in the Happy Ever After. Given the state of the world these days, we could all use a few more stories — like these three — that show how enemies can get over what divides them and find the love that unites them.

This month's offerings from Romancelandia include a brooding duke, the best friends a girl could ask for, and an extra helping of meet-cutes. Not to mention all the steamy kisses and happy endings.

Another month brings another batch of delightful novels that showcase the breadth of Romancelandia — from contemporary romantic comedies to heroes who read romance novels to lady ghostbusters at the turn of the century, it's never the same old journey to happily ever after.

The magic of the romance genre is that the books reliably deliver a love story with a happy ending, yet the authors never run out of new, exciting, heartfelt ways to make the familiar formula seem fresh. This month's batch of romance novels is no exception — with heroines and heroes who show that defying traditional expectations is no obstacle to a great love story and of course, the happy-ever-after.

These three romance novels are perfect for the homestretch of summer, when it's too hot to go outside and all you want to do is lie under the air conditioner with a book. Whether in the Wild West or big city, online or IRL, these three stories show that romance and happy ever afters are everywhere — if you dare to reach for them.

Nothing goes together better than romance and comedy, and funny love stories are always in fashion. So this month, here are four romances — some old, some new — that are sure to have you laughing all the way to happy ever after.

For your summer romance reading pleasure this month: two teenage girls who find love while pulling pranks that chip away at the patriarchy, a maid of honor and best man who make the connection of a lifetime and confront what happily-ever-after really looks like, and a movie star and small-town girl who feature in a love letter to romantic comedies and love stories that end happily.

This month in Romancelandia, love goes global in three novels that feature royals and regular boys and girls getting their happy ever afters. Because no matter where you come from or who you fall in love with, true love is possible if you open your heart and risk it all.

Just in time for spring: three charming romance novels with heroines who find love at any age and in any era — and put a fresh spin on the journey from once upon a time to happily ever after.