Maya Rodale

Love is love is love. In Romancelandia, love in all its variations comes with joy, hijinks, sexy times and happily ever afters. These three novels are full of all that and more — including highway robbery, murder mystery, and princesses on the high seas. Because another universal truth of Romancelandia is that the journey to true love is never boring and in romance, love always wins.

This month, Romancelandia delivers three delightful new romances about staying true to your passions — whether they're old cars, wedding dresses or a grade school crush. The couples in these stories also remind us to cast aside faded dreams and other people's ambitions and to fearlessly pursue a new future with the one you love, for that is the way to happy ever after.

In these three new romance novels, down-on-their-luck heroines experience a sudden change of fortune thanks to the arrival of a swoon-worthy bad boy, the unexpected inheritance of an old house and revelations about a forgotten past. With love, and a little help from their friends, they create their own happily ever afters.

This month's slate of new romance releases brings more of everything we want: heroines who take charge of their own lives, heroes who obviously adore the heroine, lots of sexy times and satisfying happy endings. Plus fake engagements, secret clubs and in a shocking twist — a duke who doesn't get the girl. But rest assured, all ends well.

February is a dark and cold month at the best of times and this year is no exception. But romance comes to the rescue with these hot, humorous and heartwarming novels that provide a rollicking good time from the first page to happily ever after.

This month in Romancelandia, true love and a happy ever after are possible at any age. Whether it's a teenager's first love, a 50-year-old's forever love, or somewhere in the middle, these three outstanding novels show it's never too early — or too late — for that HEA.

In this month's slate of must-read romance novels, romance is for everyone, from regular girls to royals. All it takes for love to blossom is a willingness to be vulnerable and risk devastating heartache. The couples in these novels don't know that they'll get a Happy Ever After — but we do and so we can enjoy their emotional journey on the way to the HEA. And maybe get some ideas for our own.

In an unpredictable world, one thing is always certain: Romance novels will end happily with love triumphing, justice prevailing and all mysteries satisfactorily resolved. Whether in the Regency era or a modern-day small town, these three new romances provide all that — along with even more good things, like kissing, intrigue and magic.

Romance has a reputation for being essentially the same story every time — people meet, sparks fly, obstacles get in the way, and all ends happily — to which many readers reply YES, PLEASE and THANK YOU. In uncertain times like these, nothing is as swoon-worthy as predictability and the guarantee of a happy ever after. These three romances deliver what we crave from our romances: relatable characters, families and communities who work hard and love hard to ensure a happy ever after for all.

Romancelandia never fails to deliver fun, sexy, escapist reads and this month's new releases are no exception. For the couples in these three novels, work threatens to get in the way of their Happy Ever After — too many hours, too much travel, too many other women (!). But with passion and connection like these characters experience, it's worth taking a risk on happy ever after.

In a romance novel, a heroine's gotta do what a heroine's gotta do — no matter who's trying to stop her. And in romance, the love interest (be they hero or heroine) will always be her champion, defender and helpmeet. These three delectable new historical romance novels show that love is more than sex and sparks (though there is plenty of that), it's also about finding the one who will stand up beside you, no matter what troubles may buzz your way.

In romance, characters often face obstacles that are larger than life — pirates, spies, secret plots, paranormal forces. And sometimes our heroines grapple with issues closer to reality, like how to have both a satisfying career and a deeply satisfying love life. Romance heroines — they're just like us! These three novels remind us that it's worth fighting for both a romantic and professional happy ever after.

This month brings three new fun and flirty romances to indulge in — to honor of the start of summer reading season, if you need a reason. Besides the requisite Happy Ever After and the total escape romancs novels always provide, these three also put the joy of female friendship front and center, suggesting that maybe the romance wouldn't happen without it. Sisterhood — the secret ingredient to a good HEA?

How can you get away when you can't leave your house? These three contemporary novels provide a sweet escape to life in the Before Times, when communities could still gather in shops, when book clubs could meet in person and when office romances had sexy moments that actually happened in the office. While the world may be changing, one thing is eternal — romance novels are always a diversion and always end happily.

Nothing guarantees a happy escape like a romance novel, and a happy escape has never been more necessary. Here are three delicious novels — with loads of laughter and heartache on the way to happy ever after — to savor while you stay safe and stay inside.

With Valentine's Day approaching, the pressure to be romantic is intense — and no one feels that pressure like the characters in romance novels. They have to meet someone, fall in love, overcome the obstacles and anxieties holding them back from true happiness, then come up with a grand gesture and declaration of love — all in just a few hundred pages. Fortunately for us, they always succeed. Here are three short and sweet romances that are sexy, funny, a little bit quirky and absolutely end happily.

One of the most beloved tropes in Romancelandia is enemies-to-lovers, for the sparring and sparks on the way to surrender. It's also a heightened version of what we love in a romance novel: Love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, and rewarding our unshakable faith in the Happy Ever After. Given the state of the world these days, we could all use a few more stories — like these three — that show how enemies can get over what divides them and find the love that unites them.

This month's offerings from Romancelandia include a brooding duke, the best friends a girl could ask for, and an extra helping of meet-cutes. Not to mention all the steamy kisses and happy endings.

Another month brings another batch of delightful novels that showcase the breadth of Romancelandia — from contemporary romantic comedies to heroes who read romance novels to lady ghostbusters at the turn of the century, it's never the same old journey to happily ever after.

The magic of the romance genre is that the books reliably deliver a love story with a happy ending, yet the authors never run out of new, exciting, heartfelt ways to make the familiar formula seem fresh. This month's batch of romance novels is no exception — with heroines and heroes who show that defying traditional expectations is no obstacle to a great love story and of course, the happy-ever-after.

These three romance novels are perfect for the homestretch of summer, when it's too hot to go outside and all you want to do is lie under the air conditioner with a book. Whether in the Wild West or big city, online or IRL, these three stories show that romance and happy ever afters are everywhere — if you dare to reach for them.

Nothing goes together better than romance and comedy, and funny love stories are always in fashion. So this month, here are four romances — some old, some new — that are sure to have you laughing all the way to happy ever after.

For your summer romance reading pleasure this month: two teenage girls who find love while pulling pranks that chip away at the patriarchy, a maid of honor and best man who make the connection of a lifetime and confront what happily-ever-after really looks like, and a movie star and small-town girl who feature in a love letter to romantic comedies and love stories that end happily.

This month in Romancelandia, love goes global in three novels that feature royals and regular boys and girls getting their happy ever afters. Because no matter where you come from or who you fall in love with, true love is possible if you open your heart and risk it all.

Just in time for spring: three charming romance novels with heroines who find love at any age and in any era — and put a fresh spin on the journey from once upon a time to happily ever after.