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Local DNC Delegate Hopeful Democrats Will Unite in Philly

Courtesy Photo
DNC Delegate Logan Wallace

Logan Wallace is a Hillary Clinton supporter and a delegate representing western North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.  The 22-year-old Franklin native is a lifelong Democrat who's been very active in local politics in Macon County.  Now he's attending his first presidential convention.  Wallace told me he got behind Clinton because of her experience and track record of getting things done.  He said that polls showing many voters find Clinton untrustworthy is largely a product of negative coverage by the media.  But he says once voters get a chance to see Clinton head-to-head against Republican nominee Donald Trump, that will hopefully help to change many voters' minds about her.  He's also hopeful that supporters of Bernie Sanders will be able to unite behind Clinton at the convention.  Our full conversation is above.  Below is a shorter broadcast version. 

Broadcast version of Wallace interview

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