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Orr Blasts Trump as 'Dangerous,' Unfazed by Spat With GOP Leaders

Robert "Bob" Orr

Former NC Supreme Court Associate Justice and Republican Robert Orr of western North Carolina doubled down on his criticisms of Donald Trump after earlier comments angered NC GOP leaders.  In an extensive interview with WCQS, Orr called the Republican presidential nominee "dangerous" and "unqualified to be president," echoing his earlier remarks to reporters that led to him leaving the Republican National Convention early.

North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse was "apoplectic" about his remarks, according to Orr.  Orr says Woodhouse communicated to him that he was not wanted at the convention.  Orr says NC GOP Chairman Robin Hayes was holding up his credentials until he could speak with him about the damage he had done to the party.  Orr says at that point, he told Hayes he would be heading home to North Carolina instead, which he did on Wednesday, one day before the conclusion of the convention.

Orr is a Republican who grew up in Hendersonville and lives in the Yancey County town of Pensacola.  He served as an Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court for a decade and practiced private law in Asheville.  During that time, he served as Chairman of the Buncombe County GOP.  He was serving as a delegate at the RNC for Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Concerning the election and who he was voting for, Orr could only say definitively that he would not be voting for Trump.  When asked whether he would then vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he hedged, listing a number of grievances with the former Secretary of State and First Lady, but when pressed, conceded she was a better choice than Trump.  He did not rule out voting for a 3rd party candidate.  Orr said since he cast his first ballot for Republican nominee Richard Nixon, he has voted Republican in every presidential election and this will be the first time he hasn't done it. 

The full interview with Orr is above.  Below is the broadcast version, followed by sections concerning Orr's remarks on Donald Trump, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. 

Broadcast version of the Orr interview

Orr on Donald Trump

Orr on Hillary Clinton

Orr on Barack Obama

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