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Author Sara Gruen on HB2, Artist Boycotts, and Writing

Local best-selling author Sara Gruen isn't shy about standing up for what she believes in.  The author of novels like "Water for Elephants" and "At the Water's Edge" has often donated in support of animal advocacy groups and rescues.  Now she's standing against North Carolina's controversial House Bill 2 and in support of independent bookstores.  When award-winning writer Sherman Alexie canceled his May 18 Asheville appearance in protest of HB2, Gruen and others organized to fill the slot with an anti-HB2 fundraiser that instead would support groups fighting HB2, as well as independent Asheville bookstore Malaprop's, which was hurt by Alexie's boycott decision.  Gruen supports the reasoning for Alexie's boycott, but says it hits the wrong target.  She spoke with me about House Bill 2, artist boycotts, and about her latest work and writing style. 

The full conversation can be heard by clicking the above audio file. 

You can find information about the "Authors for Action: Kill the Bill!" fundraiser here.

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