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Gay Rights Leader, NCGA Appointee Says Backlash Over HB2 Only Getting Louder

Harry Lynch, News & Observer of Raleigh
Chris Sgro, Executive Director of Equality NC

North Carolina lawmakers will convene later this month for their short session and House Bill 2 is expected to figure prominently.  The bill barring anti-discrimination measures for the LGBT community was passed in a one-day special session.  Hundreds of people rallied today in the state capital in support of HB2, despite a backlash from the political and corporate world that’s gone nationwide.  This weekend we learned one of the most prominent members of the opposition will now be an insider arguing for its repeal.  Chris Sgro, Executive Director of gay rights group Equality North Carolina was named by Guilford County Democrats to fill a vacant seat in the General Assembly for the remainder of the year. 

You can hear the full conversation with  Sgro by clicking the audio above. 

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