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NC DMV Apologizes to Asheville Woman Denied Voter ID

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is apologizing to an 86-year-old Asheville woman who was turned away trying to get photo ID to vote.  DMV spokeswoman Marge Howell told WCQS's Jeremy Loeb it's likely the employee at the Asheville DMV who turned away Reba Miller Bowser wasn't adequately trained.  Bowser was denied ID because DMV wasn't satisfied that the 'M' on her licenses stood for Miller.  Her 1929 birth certificated indicated Miller as her last name.  She later took her husband's surname Bowser.  Howell says DMV has apologized to Bowser's family and have vowed to make it right.  She says DMV is visiting Bower this afternoon to help her get her voter ID, which Mrs. Bowser's son, Ed Bowser, and daughter in-law Amy Lee Knisley confirmed to WCQS.  You can hear the full interview with Marge Howell above. 

This story will be updated. 

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