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Measure That Would Take Away More Local Authority Dies as Legislature Adjourns

*Updated 5:00 AM Wednesday*


This bill started out as a measure allowing people who are not experts in sexual education to approve sex ed curricula. Late Monday, House and Senate leaders attached provisions that would have banned cities from raising their local minimum wage, imposing housing requirements, or enforcing non-discrimination housing and employment protections for gays and lesbians.


After an outcry from city and county leaders and LGBT advocates, the bill was resoundingly rejected by House Rules Tuesday evening. House leaders chose not to bring the bill back to the floor for a vote. Just after midnight Wednesday, Senate leaders revived an older version of the bill and sent it to the governor. While the changes to sex ed are currently in the bill, the local government restrictions are not.

*Original Post*

State lawmakers are debating a sweeping bill that would block cities, towns, and counties from adopting  certain types of local ordinances and policies.  Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer says the bill came out of nowhere...

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