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'Arday' is the first TV drama filmed in Somalia in 30 years

Director and writer of "Arday" Ahmed Farah. (Courtesy of Ahmed Farah)
Director and writer of "Arday" Ahmed Farah. (Courtesy of Ahmed Farah)

A new 10-part TV drama is the first to be shot in Somalia for 30 years. The series, called “Arday,” is about the challenges high school students in the nation’s capital Mogadishu face.

Students come face to face with gangs, drugs, revenge porn and a suicide bombing. The audacious series faced many difficulties getting to air due to the continuing issues with famine and violence in the nation.

Here & Now‘s Scott Tong speaks to the show’s director and writer Ahmed Farah.

Watch on YouTube.

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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