UPDATE Wednesday 12:00 p.m. - Hendersonville officials have released new details about the suspect in Tuesday morning's shooting at Hendersonville Middle School. 

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Votar en estas elecciones puede ser un proceso complicado para algunos, especialmente con la pandemia y todas las nuevas normas o órdenes locales. 

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Es la época de manzanas en el Oeste de Carolina del Norte y las calles comienzan a vestirse con carteles pintados a mano anunciando la venta de rosquillas y pasteles elaborados con la popular fruta. 


La cosecha de manzana se lleva a cabo gracias al trabajo de miles de granjeros inmigrantes, sin embargo, el coronavirus se ha vuelto una amenaza real y ya hay varias organizaciones solicitando a las autoridades que regularicen y mejoren las condiciones laborales. 


Henderson County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Hendrix died Thursday from wounds he suffered while responding to a call about gunfire near the Mountain Home area north of Hendersonville early Thursday morning.  

Resúmenes para la semana del 13 de Abril

Apr 14, 2020
Luis Martinez



Hasta el pasado Lunes, funcionarios de la salud de Carolina del Norte confirmaron que hay más de 4,800 casos de COVID-19, 86 personas han fallecido y 313 pacientes se encuentran hospitalizados. En el Oeste de Carolina del Norte se han confirmado cerca de 200 casos. 

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Henderson County is the lone sheriff’s department in Western North Carolina that participates in the federal 287(g) program.  That agreement allowed for a 25-year-old Hendersonville man to be deported after he was arrested last month, following a traffic stop.   

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Earlier this year, BPR introduced to listeners a new bilingual Scout pack in Hendersonville.  During 2019, Scout Pack 607 has gone on a camping trip, learned survival skills, and completed community service projects. 


Another wave of construction is coming  to I-26 in Buncombe and Henderson Counties.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation  anounced on Wednesday the project to widen nearly 17 miles of I-26 from U.S. 64 in Hendersonville to Brevard Road in Asheville is getting underway.   The expansion is part of a bigger construction project around the Brevard Road interchange.   

Plans are to widen the interstate to four lanes in each direction from Brevard Road to U.S. 25 Business. The stretch from U.S. 25 Business to U.S. 64 will be widened to three lanes each way.

A picture of Taquería del Sol, a metal food truck behind a barbed wire fence with a hand-painted sign indicating the kinds of tacos the truck sells.
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A new interactive taco map highlights minority and women-owned businesses in the area. Multimedia designer and creator Luis Martinez launched Taco Map AVL in July. He said he hopes the map brings together communities and dispel stereotypes about Latinx people in the region.

Three women standing in a row outside in a parking lot, the new feeding site in the Henderson County Department of Public Health.
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The Henderson County Department of Public Health is the newest public feeding site to address issues of food insecurity for youth during the summer.

Students who regularly receive meals through school lose this access during the summer. In response, Henderson County Public Schools' Child Nutrition Department established four public feeding sites over the county that provide free lunches for youth between two and 18 years old. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Summer Food Service Program funds the summer sites.

The Lasting Importance Of Pride Celebrations In WNC

Jun 18, 2019

This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, viewed as the beginning of the modern LGBTQ rights movement. Pride celebrations commemorate this event and leaders like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.  While Blue Ridge Pride is celebrated in September in Asheville, the organization is creating a virtual LGBTQ center to connect rural communities to resources.


Hendersonville holds its first-ever Pride celebration Sat., June 15. While Hendersonville Mayor Barbara Volk supports the event, members of City Council and some religious groups oppose it.

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Different organizations that represent the Latinx community in Henderson County are dealing with the fallout from arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  

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Boy Scouts isn’t just for the boys anymore. The organization last year announced it would begin welcoming girls. Since the change, a new Cub Pack in Henderson County started up as an opportunity for Latinx kids to engage with the community and develop those trusty Scout leadership skills.  


A few weeks ago, we introduced you to biologist Rebecca Helm who moved to Asheville to study jellyfish.  While working on the piece, BPR’s Helen Chickering connected with  another marine pioneer  -  who brought sharks  and marine science to Hendersonville. 

mountainjellyfish.com/Rebecca Helm

Tourists flock Western North Carolina for the mountain views, hiking trails and attractions like the Biltmore House.  Sea life is not on the list, but that could change.  BPR’s Helen Chickering has the story of an unexpected find in the Western North Carolina waters that prompted a marine biologist to move to the mountains. 

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Jeanie Linders has inspired a lot of people to think they, too, can create or copy a hit stage show and change their own lives forever.

“My show has been knocked off 14 times by other people,” she said. “There’s ‘Weight Watchers: The Musical,’ ‘Assisted Living: The Musical,’ all written by guys that think it’s different. Because the show was a cash cow.”

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An estimated 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness in a given year. And while downtown Asheville is the public face of our region’s homelessness, there’s an artistic effort at Blue Ridge Community College, in Hendersonville, to spotlight rural homelessness.


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Health officials in North Carolina say the death toll from the flu for the 2017-18 season has increased its record-setting total to 342.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services says 11 flu-related deaths were reported last week, and there were three deaths in previous weeks found to have resulted from the virus.

Of the 14 deaths, 13 were age 65 and older, while the other death involved someone between the age of 5 and 17.

Black Star Line Brewing, the first black-owned brewery in Western North Carolina, closed its Hendersonville location.  A post on the brewery's Facebook page on Thursday said "Thanks for the love Hendersonville.  At this time we will no longer be operating on 131 3rd Ave W.  We'll let you know updates as soon as they are available.  Thank you."

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City government, tax and planning commissions and nonprofit board meetings. Those settings naturally conjure ... mystery and romance?

They do if you’re Renee Kumor.

“I’ve been on nonprofit boards for years. I’ve dealt with staff members who’ve embezzled -- that happens constantly,” Kumor said. “The issues of conflict of interest. Just having a crisis of direction on the board, and I just decided those crisis discussions can end in murder, what the heck?”

Funny Business In The Mountains Sees Growth

Nov 6, 2017

As long as there’s a stage, there’s really no telling where a comic can be found—even in areas like Western North Carolina—where local talent has flourishes, and local business captures part of a $300 million industry. BPR'S Davin Eldridge takes a look at the comedy scene of the mountains. 


Davin Eldridge

Davin Eldridge

The need for safety between buyers and sellers on websites like Craigslist is essential.  But it’s not always guaranteed. One Western North Carolina town is on a quest to provide that safety.

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Federal funding could soon be coming to eight different projects in western North Carolina after governor Roy Cooper recommended each receive money.

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Efforts to speed up wireless internet service throughout western North Carolina are speeding up themselves, thanks to a six-city partnership.

Wifi has rapidly speed up throughout the region in the last decade, but Bill Sederburg says it’s time for the next step.  The coordinator of the West Next Generation Network says that is “gigabit” internet service.

“It means much faster downloads for video.  It means the ability for hospitals to have branch campuses (that can) access to MRI and X-ray images and stuff like that”, according to Sederburg.


The political science taught in textbooks has always been a bit removed from the politics practiced in the real world.

But this year’s out-of-the-ordinary presidential election has presented a particular challenge for teachers who are trying to square lessons with the 2016 campaign as it’s unfolded.

WCQS's Helen Chickering has been spending time in the classroom in Henderson County, where students have been learning about the election process.

In Their Words: Rep. Chuck McGrady

Apr 28, 2015
The News & Observer of Raleigh

We’ve been talking with area legislators over the past few weeks.  It’s part of an effort to bring you their views, in their words.  Today the focus is on Representative Chuck McGrady, Republican of Henderson County.  On a day when McGrady was preparing for a busy week known as "crossover" - in which most bills have to pass one chamber and "cross over" in order to be considered still alive this session - he took the time to speak with us about issues ranging from taxes, politics, the environment, social issues, and more.  The full conversation is above.  Below are some parts of the intervie