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Adjusted: Second Puberty After Testosterone

An illustration of a masculine-presenting person with medium skin-tone and short brown hair, a couple visible spots of acne and some patchy facial hair. This person is sitting on a gray couch, wearing a blue tank top and using a vial to fill up a hypodermic needle. There is a tall green plant and a bookshelf behind them. The words "Embodied Adjusted" are in the lower right hand corner of the illustration.
Charnel Hunter

Puberty is a rite of passage that most of us experience as teenagers. But for some trans folks, big hormonal changes happen again in adulthood. 

Voice changes. Acne. Fluctuating emotions and changing body parts. There’s no denying that puberty is an awkward time. In the teenage years, at least most of your peers are all looking and acting differently as their bodies grow. But what is the experience like when you go through a second puberty in adulthood after taking hormones for a gender transition?

Medically transitioning isn't part of every trans person's experience, but in this episode of Embodied, transmasculine folks share their stories of the physical, psychological and emotional changes that happened in their bodies in the span of months to years after they started taking testosterone.

Anita talks with Julian Socha, who began taking testosterone in college eight years ago, and Gibby Armijo, who began his shots three years ago at 18 years old, about how their physical changes affected their social life and their concept of adulthood.

Anita also talks with Luckie Alexander Fuller, who started on hormones at age 30, about the experience of going through hormonal changes as an older adult.

And a huge thank you to Jamison Green, Rafael Frumkin, Soph Myers-Kelley and Finlay Games for contributing to this episode.

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Kaia Findlay is the lead producer of Embodied, WUNC's weekly podcast and radio show about sex, relationships and health. Kaia first joined the WUNC team in 2020 as a producer for The State of Things.
Anita Rao is an award-winning journalist, host, creator, and executive editor of "Embodied," a weekly radio show and podcast about sex, relationships & health.
Amanda Magnus is the executive producer of Embodied, a weekly radio show and podcast about sex, relationships and health. She has also worked on other WUNC shows including Tested and CREEP.