Dogwood Health Trust Announces Fund To Help WNC Apply For Grants

Nov 5, 2019

Dogwood Health Trust has announced a fund to help local organizations hire grant writers. 

It’s called the Leverage Fund, explains Antony Chiang, Dogwood’s new CEO.


“We believe WNC is home to a host of creative, innovative problem-solvers whose daily demands make it difficult to pay attention to national funding opportunities,” says Chiang. “The Leverage Fund will provide organizations and collaborations in our region with the capacity and technical assistance to overcome those barriers.”


Chiang mentioned the idea at his recent listening sessions in the region. The fund will help match local nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations with a professional grant writer - and pay their salary. It will be available to groups apply for $100,000 or more from national or state sources that will ultimately improve health outcomes for residents of the region, according to a press release. 


Dogwood also says that the fund will also pay for costs associated with writing the grant such as travel and meeting costs. 



Dogwood also announced it will host three listening sessions to share more information on how to apply for the fund:  

  • Transylvania County Public Library, Nov. 8 at 10am: cohosted by Pisgah Health Foundation. Details and RSVP by emailing

  • WNC Webinar, Nov. 20 at 1pm: hosted by Dogwood Health Trust. Details and RSVP by emailing  

  • Clay County DSS, Dec. 6 at 2pm: cohosted by Nantahala Health Foundation. Details and RSVP by emailing

Additional meetings will also be scheduled, according to Dogwood.