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Revolution Calling: Filmmaker-turned-NFT artist Kira Bursky is a model for success in this nascent platform

NFT - PART2 IMAGE Kira Bursky.png
Kira Bursky | magicmindnft.com
Kira Bursky's printed her digital art on her top and background for this video she created to promote her Magic Mind NFT series.

In a short time, Kira Bursky has become an unqualified success in the NFT sphere. During 2021, she sold more than 800 NFT artworks and earned more money as a marketer on another artist’s NFT creations. In March, sales of a larger collection of NFTs brought in more than $200,000 worth in cryptocurrency within 48 hours of the launch.

For those who see NFTs as hollow hype, it would be easy to view Bursky as epitomizing flash-in-the-pan success. But Bursky has a rare combination of smarts, tenacity and artistry. And vital in the NFT world, she comes across as authentic and easy to like, and she has a natural ease marketing herself.

“I feel like I have complete freedom now,” she said. “This is fully, whatever my soul wants to express, that’s what I’m creating, and make a profit off of it, which is surreal. That’s a dream, honestly.”