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Revolution Calling: Artists are viewing NFTs as a gateway to validation and sustainability

NFT - PART1 IMAGE Justin Wells.png
Matt Peiken | BPR News
Justin Wells converted his moonscape oil paintings into digital images to sell as NFTs.

For many people, March 11, 2021 meant nothing more than the one-year anniversary of Covid-19. But for anyone in the creative arts, on that date, potentially, everything changed. A graphic artist in South Carolina going by the name Beeple sold a collage of 5,000 digital images at auction for $69 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Today, spend any amount of time with artists and investors who have taken the plunge into NFTs, you can’t help but think everything you knew about the art market is changing right before your eyes.

“It’s just kinda turned everything upside down and then some,” said Justin Wells, an artist in Barnardsville. “I’m about six months into it and I’m still trying to figure it out, honestly. I don’t know exactly where it can go or if it’s going to last, but a part of me feels it’s not just a fad.”