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Grace Bastidas

Grace Bastidas is an editor, podcast host and multicultural market expert. Her work as a content creator focuses on giving voice to communities of color. As the founding editor and content director of Parents Latina, Bastidas is in charge of guiding the creative vision and mission of a bilingual brand that reaches 3.4 million multicultural moms and dads. She is also the host of That New Mom Life, a podcast from Parents magazine that helps mothers navigate those first few months of parenthood. In each episode, she interviews top experts in the postpartum world to get their best advice about everything from body changes to coping with sleepless nights. She covered parenting for NPR's Life Kit.

In her free time, Bastidas is an ambassador for the Good+ Foundation, a nonprofit working to break the cycle of family poverty. A native New Yorker, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.