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Talk To Us: COVID Questions

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BPR is answering listener queries about the Coronavirus in a new segment –Talk to Us: COVID Questions.  BPR’s Helen Chickering brings us this week’s answer.

This week's question comes from Jeremy DeJournett who lives in Buncombe county.

“Are there any plans in Buncombe for making sure unused doses get into arms at the end of the day, regardless of group? For example, if one of the vials has 50 doses left at 5pm, will it get tossed, or are vaccination sites allowing walk-ins to wait for that? If so, where can we find  information about this?”

Good question. We did some digging and found all vaccine providers have a plan to get those extra doses to eligible individuals.  To find out how  Buncombe County  handles COVID vaccine extras, we checked in with Buncombe County Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Stacey Wood.

Credit Stacey Wood
Stacey Wood, BCHHS Public Information OFficer

“Thanks for your question about unused doses. Here in Buncombe County, we generate a weekly standby list utilizing those who are next in line on the general waitlist and therefore are eligible to receive the vaccine,” says Wood.  “We contact these individuals and ask if they can make it to the vaccination site within 20 minutes of a phone call at the end of the day if there is any vaccine left. If they state that they can be at the site within that time frame, they are added to the standby list. This process is working well, and it ensures that those who are in the eligible groups have the opportunity to get the vaccine. So, there is never a need to come by the vaccination sites in hopes that extra vaccines might be available because the standby list ensures that no dose goes to waste and is in line with the priority group guidance. “

Do you have a COVID question you'd like answered? Record a voice memo and send it to voices@bpr.org or use the talk to us feature on the free BPR mobile app.

I'm Helen Chickering BPR news

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