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Billboards In Cawthorn's District Call For His Resignation

Republican Accountability Project


Three new billboards around Asheville are calling for the resignation of Western North Carolina’s Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

They’re funded by the Republican Accountability Project, out of Washington DC. The billboards are part of a million dollar campaign calling on a dozen Republicans lawmakers to resign for spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election. Olivia Troye is co-director of the Republican Accountability Project that started organizing after the insurrection on Jan. 6. 

"It's to remind not only these members and senators of what they’ve done and what their actions led to, but also to remind the voters and constituents in the districts about their actions," Troye said. "And we hope that they will hold them accountable."


She says the group is made up of anti-Trump and independent-leaning Republicans. Troye previously served as a homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to former Vice President Pence. She left the administration in August and has since been a vocal critic of the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


"When you have people that have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution in office going around speaking this way, and lying to the American public, it has repercussions," Troye said. "Actions have consequences, and what the Republican party is depends on what they want for their future."


In addition to calling for Cawthorn’s resignation, the group is also supporting the conviction of former President Donald Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial.

The billboards around Asheville are posted on I-26 near Brevard Rd. and the Asheville Outlets, I-26 near the airport, and on Long Shoals Rd. in Arden. 

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