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Buncombe County Sheriff Revises Use of Force Policy

Photo Courtesy: Buncombe County Sheriff's Office

The Buncombe County Sheriff is updating his department’s policy on use of force. Sheriff Quentin Miller’s office on Fri. released the new guidelines that instruct officers on when force tactics are appropriate.

And additionally, it offers guidance on how deputies should report incidents where they observe a fellow officer using force they deem excessive for the situation, or could result in death.

The policy says use of deadly force should only be applied in situations where a deputy reasonably believes an individual would be an imminent threat to themselves or another person.

It also includes new language restricting the use of shooting at moving vehicles unless, “no other option is available to the deputy to stop an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the deputy or another person.”

The sheriff's office says in a news release the policy contains stronger, clearer language on reporting such incidents to the State Bureau of Investigation. The Sheriff’s office says deputies and detention officers have read and reviewed the policy and goes into effect today.

The updated policy is one of the first major updates to come from the office since hiring a new policy analyst nine months ago, and it comes as law enforcement agencies across the country face mounting public pressure in response to police-involved killings in recent months.