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WCU Condemns Racist Videos Of Students Posted Over Weekend

WCU Chancellor Kelli Brown denounced the racist videos posted by students on Snapchat and Twitter over the weekend.

Western Carolina University is condemning a series of videos posted to social media over the weekend showing students promoting racist and white supremacy language. The videos circulated on Snapchat and Twitter on Saturday show students using racist slurs and flashing white power signs.


WCU Chancellor Kelli Brown on Sunday issued a video statement in response. 


“This behavior disappoints, angers, frustrates me to no end. Last night, I had the opportunity to speak to a number of student leaders on campus, and they expressed to me their fear, anxiety and pain," Brown said. "They also expressed as well as others, the request action. This is a justifiable request”


Western says it’s looking into the individual posts for violations of university policy and student code of conduct and will “follow up as appropriate.”