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Study: Vouchers Mostly Go To Schools Teaching Biblical Worldview


A new study put out by the League of Women Voters finds the vast majority of schools taking in students receiving vouchers are teaching a biblical worldview.  Many of those schools are using what's called the Abeka Curriculum, which teaches students the earth was created 6,000 years ago, that climate change is a hoax, and refers to media as the "liberal press," according to study author Bonnie Bechard.  She spoke with BPR's Jeremy Loeb.

The legislature started the Opportunity Scholarship Program in 2013.  It provides taxpayer-funded scholarships to allow children to attend private schools.  Critics argue the money should be put towards public schools and not towards private schools that aren't required to adhere to any state standard.  The LWV study indicates many of those schools aren't complying with any state standard, and many are pushing a biblical or even political view. 

Lawmakers are vastly expanding the Opportunity Scholarship Program by $10 million per year, putting its cost over a billion dollars over its 15 year lifetime unless changes are made.  

You can hear the full conversation with Bonnie Bechard at the audio link above.    

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