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Meadows - I Don't Take Trump's Tweets 'Personally'

Matt Bush BPR
Congressman Mark Meadows Addresses CIBO Luncheon At UNC-Asheville

Congressman Mark Meadows says he does not take President Donald Trump’s tweets at him ‘personally’.  The Western North Carolina Republican drew the ire of the President following the failure of the GOP’s healthcare bill last week.

While Meadows doesn’t take the President tweets personally - including one that urged a fight against the Freedom Caucus which Meadows chairs - the Congressman doesn’t think they’re all that productive in furthering the Republican goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, known to many as Obamacare.

“This is a health care debate.  This is not going to be solved with blame.  It’s not going to be solved with tweets.  It’s going to be solved with people getting in the room and discussing their differences and hopefully coming up with something that helps the people we have the honor and privilege of serving.”

Healing the fractures between Meadows group of hardline conservatives, GOP moderates, and the President and Republican leadership is the only realistic chance the party has at getting rid of former President Obama’s signature healthcare law.  Meadows told a meeting of business owners in Asheville he’s optimistic it will happen, but didn’t give a timeframe.  He painted a much rosier picture for tax cuts, another of President Trump’s top priorities.  Meadows expects that will get done by August, when Congress breaks for its summer recess.