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Obama Blasts Sen. Burr Over Leaked Audio

News & Observer of Raleigh
President Barack Obama in Chapel Hill 11/2/16

President Barack Obama was in Chapel Hill yesterday rallying support for Hillary Clinton.  He also was rallying support for Democratic Senate hopeful Deborah Ross and blasted her opponent, Republican Senator Richard Burr for several controversial remarks he made in audio that was leaked to CNN.

“Deborah’s opponent Senator Burr just said, just said, that if Hillary wins, he’ll do everything he can to block all Supreme Court nominations.  Now keep in mind that the reason they said they would not have a hearing or vote for my Supreme Court nomination, bucking all of American history, was that we thought the American people should decide the next Supreme Court justice.  Now they’re saying well if they don’t decide the way we want them to decide, maybe we won’t even do that.”

Obama also criticized Burr for continuing to support Donald Trump even in the wake of Trump’s numerous controversies.  Obama says now Burr is even starting to sound like him.

“Last week he actually joked about violence against Hillary.  That’s not something we do.  I tell you, if I heard a Democrat saying that I would condemn them in a hot second.  You don’t talk about violence against public officials, even in a joke.”

Senator Burr has apologized for the comment.


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