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Burr - Neither Trump Or Clinton A Role Model

Matt Bush WCQS

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr says neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are role models.  But the Republican still stands behind the GOP nominee as Burr faces his own tough re-election bid.

During an informal 30-minute talk with employees at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Asheville, Burr never said Trump or Clinton’s name.  He made it clear though he thinks neither is a role model, which Burr reiterated with reporters later.

“I’m not sure I’d hold up either of them to my grandchildren and say ‘Here’s someone you can mirror’”, says Burr.

In the wake of the release of atape from 2005 which contained audio of Trump making several crude comments about women, several prominent Republicans in Congress have been dropping their support of Trump in the last week.  Burr is not among them. 

“Where Donald Trump is trying to get to, is where I would like to go," according to Burr.  "A vibrant economy.  A future that embraces technology.  A United States that is a magnet of global capital attraction.  If that’s where (Trump) wants to go, and I think it is, I’m not going to split a lot of hairs with people on how we get there.”

Burr faces his Democratic challenger Deborah Ross in their only moderated debate Thursday night at 7 in Raleigh.  Polls have shown the race between Ross and Burr to be very tight.  Its outcome could end up deciding whether Republicans or Democrats have the majority when the next Congress convenes in January.  You can listen to that debate live on WCQS.