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Rep. McGrady of Henderson County Will Run Again

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS
Rep. Chuck McGrady (R, Henderson)

North Carolina State Rep. Chuck McGrady, Republican of Henderson County, has ended speculation in announcing he will seek another term in the House.  McGrady had hedged on whether to run again in an interview with WCQS shortly after the session ended.  But he said his growing clout in the legislature had given him the opportunity to fight for issues he cares about – the environment being a big one.

"Being able to begin to fund things that I think really need to be funded that will result in more recreation areas and cleaner air or water has been among the most gratifying parts.  You know, I pinch myself periodically going I've only been there five years and I'm chairing a committee where I can make a difference."

A former national president of the Sierra Club, McGrady has been a longtime environmental advocate.  That frequently puts him at odds with his Republican colleagues.  His counterpart in the Senate, Republican Tom Apodaca of Hendersonville, is expected to announce whether he plans to run again next week.

Chuck McGrady's full message announcing his reelection is posted at his website:

"To my friends in Henderson County:  It has been a great honor to serve the 117th District in Raleigh.

After five years in the legislature, I find myself in a position to positively affect outcomes on issues of critical importance to my constituents. With the economy having improved, we need to increase education funding — and chairing the House’s budget-writing committee gives me the opportunity to make that happen. I also want to see the State complete its acquisition of land for DuPont State Recreational Forest andHeadwatersState Forest.

If I had any doubts about running for re-election, those doubts were erased by the response of my constituents on the proposed transmission lines running through Henderson County. My constituents didn’t simply respond by saying ‘Not in our backyards’ — they raised significant concerns and challenged some of the assumptions about the need for the project. I’ve never been prouder, and the system worked. Duke Energy got the message.

I pledged to you when I was first elected that I would strive to get the best possible outcome for the people of my district and for the State of North Carolina — on whatever issue arises.

I am grateful  for the confidence that you have placed in me as your state representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, and I will work hard to continue to deserve your trust.


I humbly ask for your support and for your vote."

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