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Day Sponsorship: A BPR Member Benefit

Day Sponsorship calendar

Support Blue Ridge Public Radio and acknowledge a special day or a favorite local nonprofit organization with a valuable Day Sponsorship. 

For gifts of $365 or more: Receive one Day Sponsorship on-air message to air on BPR three times on a reserved day for a personal celebration, or to recognize a nonprofit of your choice to help promote their mission or event.

Day Sponsorships are allotted in increments of $365, with a maximum of 10 Day Sponsorships.


How do I write the on-air message for my Day Sponsorship(s)?
You'll work with BPR staff to write the on-air message, which is 15 seconds in length. If your message is donated to a nonprofit, staff will work with the organization on their message. All copy is subject to editing for format and compliance with FCC guidelines. Day Sponsorships cannot include a call to action or otherwise imply an endorsement of the message by Blue Ridge Public Radio.

How do I set the date for my Day Sponsorship(s)?
Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so please coordinate with BPR staff to reserve your date as far in advance as possible. We recommend requesting your date four to six months in advance due to the high volume of Day Sponsorship requests.

How long do I have to use my Day Sponsorship?
From the date of your gift, you have 12 months to schedule your Day Sponsorship(s).

When do the Day Sponsorships air on BPR?
The messages typically air in the 8 AM, 12 Noon, and 5 PM hours. Times are subject to change, as breaking news, special coverage, or technical difficulties may preempt a message.

I would like to learn more or inquire about my Day Sponsorship benefit. Who do I contact?
For questions or concerns, please contact daysponsor@bpr.org.