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Crime was down in Charlotte in 2021, police say


Police say crime overall in Charlotte was down 5 % last year compared to 2020. Statistics released by the Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department Monday show violent crime was down 7 % .

Police Chief Johnny Jennings said a team of detectives created last year focused on taking illegal guns off the street. It helped to seize about 3,000 guns last year, a 33 % boost from 2020.

“They’re looking for those who are involved in some of the most violent crimes across our jurisdiction with the use of firearms,” Jennings said.

Looking ahead, Jennings said the department needs to focus on juvenile crime and making sure teen a gers as young as 13 and 14 can’t get their hands on guns. In recent months, several teens have been charged in violent crimes.

The number of homicides last year was also down significantly. According to CMPD, there were 98 homicides in 2021. The department expects some of them will be ruled justified. That’s an 18 % drop from 118 homicides in 2020.

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