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Coin toss decides City Council race in Conover, NC

 Conover city council member Mark Canrobert won by a coin toss.
City of Conover
Conover city council member Mark Canrobert won by a coin toss.

I n C ataw ba Cou nty , t he race for a seat on Conover C ity C ouncil was decided by unusual means — a w eek af ter E lect ion Day. Mark Canrobert and Joie Fulbright tied in the race with 509 votes. Canrobert ended up winning.

“They declined a recount because they wanted to get it over , " said Catawba County Elections Director Amanda Duncan, while laughing. "Our board decided to do a flip of a coin. It was a quarter , and Mark Canrobert took that quarter . ”

A coin toss was used two years ago when a Hickory C ity C ouncil primary ended in a tie.

The race for mayor of Salisbury , in Rowan C ounty, got closer this week after provisional ballots and a few absentee ballots arriving after Election Day were counted. Now only 14 votes separate Salisbury’s current mayor , Karen Alexander , from the city’s m ayor p ro-tem , Al Heggins. There will be a recount next week. If Alexander is still ahead, then she holds on to her seat.

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