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Staffing News From The Washington Desk

Asma Khalid and Scott Detrow
Scott Detrow
Asma Khalid and Scott Detrow

In a note to newsroom staff Chief Washington Editor Shirley Henry announced this staffing update:

All –

With the impending inauguration of a new president, the Washington Desk is making some changes to its White House team.

NPR political correspondents Scott Detrow and Asma Khalid, who did a stellar job covering the Democratic primary race and the candidacy of Joe Biden, will now be White House correspondents covering the Biden administration.

They are joining White House correspondents Tamara Keith, Franco Ordoñez and Ayesha Rascoe and National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson on this relentlessly demanding beat – sharing the many responsibilities associated with daily news coverage, breaking news and enterprise reporting for all of NPR's platforms.

Scott, Tamara and Asma, who's currently on maternity leave, are also co-hosts of the NPR Politics Podcast, along with Congressional correspondent Sue Davis.

White House editor Roberta Rampton will continue to lead the team, with an assist from supervising political editor Arnie Seipel.

Additionally, to help support our small but mighty Congressional team of Sue Davis, Kelsey Snell, Claudia Grisales and Deirdre Walsh, producer extraordinaire Barbara Sprunt will work closely with the team, as will deputy Washington editor Krishnadev Calamur, as an additional editing hand with Deirdre.

The last few weeks (oh, and the last year) have obviously demonstrated the extraordinary amount of news that these teams and the entire Washington Desk cover for NPR, and we can only anticipate more of the same in this new year.

I could not be more grateful to work with such a smart, talented, hard-working and collegial team.

Best, Shirley

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Shirley Henry is the Chief Washington Editor for NPR News. In this role, she oversees all aspects of the Washington Desk. Its correspondents, editors and producers cover the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, presidential campaigns and other electoral politics, and tell stories across all of NPR's broadcast and digital platforms. She also oversees and edits the NPR Politics Podcast.