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WATCH: A Slow-Mo, Many-Car Pileup In Snowy Montreal

Let's note off the bat: According to the CBC, there were no serious injuries reported as a result of this many-car pileup.

So you can go ahead and laugh, if you're so inclined. Or wince your way through as driver after driver seems to think, "Hey, I've got this." (And be sure to watch to the end; it ain't over 'til it's over.)

This video, shot Monday in Montreal by Willem Shepherd, shows a slow-motion car accident caused by one hill, some slippery precipitation and a series of miscalculations.

It starts with a bus and a half-dozen cars, and goes ... well, it goes downhill from there.

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Camila Flamiano Domonoske covers cars, energy and the future of mobility for NPR's Business Desk.