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The North Carolina Department of Transportation has opened up a 30-day public comment for all residents to have a say in the next 10 years of projects. 

All 14 divisions of the state have been invited to comment on the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s next 10-Year transportation plan for 2023-2032.

City of Asheville

Asheville’s public bus system rolled out some major changes this week. 


A national study shows deaths on rural roads in North Carolina are among the highest in the nation.

Voters in Asheville this fall will decide a $74-million bond referendum.  But it will take more than one vote.  On the front side of the ballot, Asheville voters will make their choices for president, U.S. Senate, governor, and both branches of the General Assembly.  During her ‘State of the city’ address Mayor Esther Manheimer reminded voters to turn their ballots over, because their job won’t be done yet.

House Bill 2, Voter ID and coal ash cleanups are headline-grabbing issues in the governor’s race. Roads? Not so much. But the McCrory administration is touting success in changing the way North Carolina builds roads.

North Carolina lawmakers recently approved changes to a traffic law intended to protect bike commuters.

House Bill 959 will soon require cyclists to add taillights or wear reflector vests at night. It also increases penalties for aggressive drivers.

A controversial rail hub appears to have found a home in eastern North Carolina.


CSX first proposed building the container shipping hub in Johnston County earlier this year, but local opposition forced that project to be moved elsewhere.

David Schaper NPR

Some North Carolina lawmakers have a remedy for the state's transportation funding shortfall. They want to rely less on the gasoline tax and more on higher car sales taxes, driving and insurance fees.

The House Transportation Committee wants to talk Tuesday about legislation filed by the panel's chairmen. No votes are scheduled. The meeting will likely prove a barometer for Republican leaders as to whether colleagues are interested in pressing forward.

Dave DeWitt; North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on its proposed 10-year, $15 billion State Transportation Improvement Program.

The agency website notes that the plan unveiled in December envisions more than a thousand transportation projects with projects in all 100 North Carolina counties.

The department said in a release that residents can comment on the plan through the agency's Mindmixer computer portal.

NCDOT Charging to View Public Records

Feb 3, 2015
Dave DeWitt; North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

In what one group is calling a violation of state law, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is charging fees to view public records.  The Southern Environmental Law Center made a request to view public documents related to Governor Pat McCrory’s 25-year transportation plan and a proposed billion-dollar transportation bond.  SELC attorney Kym Hunter says they were told they would have to pay a fee of $468 to view the files.