Got questions on how to make your gravy or cranberry sauce?

Matt Bush

Turkeys get to have their moment in November.  BPR shares some facts about the birds - and how a regional management plan helped spur the resurgence of turkey population. 

“Gooble Gooble” is not quite the sound turkeys make… 

(Turkey call)  

That was an assembly call. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, it brings a flock together.  Chris Coxen is district biologist for the Federation in North Carolina.  He says turkeys have a multitude of calls. Many are imitated by hunters to lure the birds to them. 

We're grateful that you choose to listen to Blue Ridge Public Radio, and we're saying thank you with some special programming for the holiday. 


AAA says travel nationwide during the Thanksgiving holiday this year will be at a 13-year high, as it predicts more than 54-million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this holiday – the highest number since 2005, which was the most traveled Thanksgiving holiday on record according to the organization. 

Thanksgiving at the Biltmore Estate

Nov 22, 2016
Courtesy of the Biltmore Estate

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  And thanks to an archival cookbook, we also know a bit about what the Vanderbilts chose to do for their Thanksgiving meals, at least in 1904.  Lori Garst is Associate Curator at Biltmore Estate.  She sat down with WCQS's Jeremy Loeb to talk about it.