Thank You

Thanks to everyone who supported Blue Ridge Public Radio's Fall Membership Drive. It took a brief extra inning to get there, but we did it - without interrupting one minute of the programs you count on. More than 1,300 listeners helped us raise more than $200,000. 

Blue Ridge Public Radio brings you programming that enriches your life and fundraising that respects the very reason you listen. We couldn't be more proud of you - loyal and committed listeners who know how important this service is. Everything you hear is made possible by contributing listeners. 

Thank you to everyone who supported WCQS in 2016! Our year end campaign was a great success, exceeding the $100,000 goal.  Your gifts help WCQS stay on track as we begin the New Year and ensure that WCQS will be here for you in 2017 with thoughtful journalism that fosters understanding, bridges divides, and broadens perspectives. The news, music and everything you enjoy on WCQS is powered by listener support.

Maybe you did it for the tote bag. Maybe you did it for great radio. But you did it!

Our thanks to the 1,600 contributing listeners who supported our fall membership drive, raising more than $200,000 for WCQS, to pay for the programming you rely on every day.

We also welcome more than 260 new members into the WCQS family. 

We want to thank all of our contributing listeners across Western North Carolina.

We are committed to honoring your trust and support. You will hear our thanks every day.