social distancing

Photo courtesy of Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University students will be back on campus this weekend.


Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Sam Miller expects about 400 students will move into the residence halls on Saturday. Students have signed up for specific times to remain socially distant.  


In total, about 3,500 students will be living in the dorms when classes start on August 17. Miller says this is down from about 4,000 last year for a variety of reasons. 


The Henderson County sheriff’s department will not enforce social distancing guidelines.  Henderson County Sheriff Lowell Griffin says he’s “frustrated by the governor throwing a blanket over the state.” 

“The constitution wasn’t suspended just because of this pandemic," Griffin said. "We’ve got a lot of small business owners that are hurting...and these multi-trillian dollar packages that our federal government is passing is not helping at all." 

 Griffin says it should be up to individuals and local municipalities, not the state.