Pledge Drive

Two stations. One goal. Zero fundraising interruptions. The Fall Fund Drive is happening right now! Your donation makes everything you hear on BPR Classic and on BPR News possible. Support what you value: responsible reporting, journalism with insight and meaning, culture celebration - and no program interruptions.  The goal is $200,000 by September 26 for uninterrupted programming. 

Two stations, one goal - and no program interruptions. It's the Blue Ridge Public Radio Fall Fund Drive! Our goal is $200,000 by September 27th for uninterrupted programming. Blue Ridge Public Radio - WCQS / BPR News is listener supported and your donation makes everything you count on possible. Support what you value: responsible reporting and journalism with insight and meaning, cultural celebration - and no program interruptions. 

The deadline for our Membership Drive is fast approaching!  The goal is $225,000 by April 12 for uninterrupted programming. This is our 5th fundraising season without one moment of program interruption. We're asking you to support the programming you value during regularly scheduled breaks. Give now for programming that enriches your life and fundraising that respects your listening experience.