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Jarrett McCain

When public schools opened with remote classes and uncertain schedules last August, it quickly became clear that a lot of North Carolina families were choosing other options for their kids.

Two major education bills are headed to Gov. Roy Cooper’s office after winning bipartisan support in the North Carolina General Assembly on Thursday.

Every year at school budget time, UNC Charlotte education professor Walter Hart hears a similar question: "Why do you need more money? You’ve got the lottery."

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Megan Cain

Monday is the first day of school for many students across North Carolina.  Some will actually be in class, though most will not.  One district that is having limited in-person classes is Buncombe County.  After attending a short in-person orientation over the next two weeks, all students will learn remotely for at least the following five weeks. That presents an assortment of challenges for teachers, especially those dealing with first-time students.

School Systems In WNC: How Will They Reopen?

Jul 29, 2020

Plan B, Plan C, or something in between?  Check out what each public school district in Western North Carolina decided on for the start of the school year.