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Last week, three of the country’s major pharmaceutical distributors reached a $26-billion settlement with several states over opioids.  North Carolina was one of them.  Here’s what happens next:

Local government leaders worked to get all 100 counties in North Carolina to sign onto an agreement on how funding from the settlement would be distributed.


An estimated $26 billion-dollars could soon be coming to counties all across the country from a financial settlement involving opioid manufacturers.  BPR reports that county governments in North Carolina are already making plans for that money:

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As panic buying due to COVID-19 increased, so did the efforts of scammers. BPR spoke with North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein about how to stay alert:  

When the state of emergency was declared last month for North Carolina it triggered laws against price gouging explains Stein. 

“What we ask people to do is if they see something that is way more expensive then it was before the emergency, they should just let my office know,” says Stein.

Stein says more than 1,000 complaints filed have been filed across North Carolina. 

In February, Attorney General Josh Stein sent HCA Healthcare a letter requesting answers by this week about allegations the healthcare system is not following through agreements it made when the for-profit firm purchased Mission Health last year. 

Those answers were due at the end of March – this past Tuesday.  Stein says he has given HCA more time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Tuesday, NC Attorney General Josh Stein weighed in on community complaints about HCA Healthcare. 

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Since Mission Health’s sale to for-profit HCA, the six local legacy foundations have given out about $12 million in grants to 169 organizations. Let's take a deeper look at the foundations and the organizations they funded:  

In the great room of Wildcat Cliffs Country Club in Highlands, representatives from 26 organizations were welcomed by the Highlands-Cashiers Health Foundation: 

“Good evening, it’s such an honor to welcome you all to our inaugural grant awards.”  

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Few issues have dominated the news in Western North Carolina as much as healthcare in 2019.  BPR spoke with North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein about the year’s events: 

Stein has been working with attorneys general from across the country to build a single framework for a $48 billion dollar financial settlement from pharmaceutical companies and distributors to pay for the effects of opioid crisis, which has hit Western North Carolina especially hard. 

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North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has approved Gibbins Advisors as the independent monitor of HCA Healthcare. The healthcare consulting firm based in White Plains, New York will be responsible for watching over HCA as outlined in the asset purchase agreement with Stein. 

“That commitment to engaging with local communities, along with the monitor’s qualifications, led me to direct my office to consent to the selection of this monitor,” says Stein in a press release. 

North Carolina is stepping up efforts to combat e-cigarette addiction.  BPR’s Helen Chickering has details.

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Since the sale of Mission Health earlier this year, the foundation tasked with spending the profits of the deal has been quiet.  BPR got an update from the chair of the organization’s board:

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  It’s been almost six months since Mission Health was sold to for-profit HCA Health. North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein visited two Mission Hospitals this week to see how the aftermath of the sale is transpiring.  BPR caught up with him at Transylvania Regional Hospital in Brevard.