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Important GOP Primary In NC House District 119

Mar 2, 2020

Voters in Tuesday's primary in North Carolina will decide party nominees at the federal, state, and local levels.  One race in Western North Carolina will decide whether the region’s biggest political rivalry will get another go.

Rep. Queen Announces Reelection Bid

Nov 12, 2019
Cory Vaillancourt

Filing for the 2020 legislative elections doesn’t begin until next month, but that hasn’t stopped many Western North Carolina candidates from making their intentions known early.

Clampitt To Oppose Rep. Queen For Fifth Time

Oct 14, 2019
Cory Vaillancourt / BPR News

State legislative elections are still more than a year away, but some Western North Carolina candidates have already started campaigning.

And just like in 2018, the results of the 2020 election for state candidates will likely have a lot to do with President Donald Trump.

Western North Carolina’s longest running political feud just got longer – for the fifth time in as many elections, Waynesville Democrat Rep. Joe Sam Queen’s opponent in the District 119 House race in 2020 will be Bryson City Republican Mike Clampitt.

Photo courtesy of Southwestern Community College

 Debates are a chance for candidates to share their views with constituents in hopes to win their votes. One local debate series gives candidates that opportunity while also showcasing what local students care about says Dr. Bucky Dann of Southwestern Community College.


“The debate tonight is hosted by the class members our Social Problems class here at Southwestern Community College,” announced Dr. Dann who is the debate moderator.  

Cory Vaillancourt

Since Democratic Governor Roy Cooper took office in 2017, he’s faced veto-proof supermajorities in both legislative chambers. Democrats’ best chance to break that is with a pickup of four seats in the House this November, and two Western North Carolina races will prove pivotal in that effort.

Jeremy Loeb/BPR

Waynesville Democrat Joe Sam Queen lost the most closely-contested state legislative race in 2016.  Fewer than 300 votes separated him and Bryson City Republican Mike Clampitt.  Now Queen says he'll try to win back his seat from Clampitt in 2018.  It will be the fourth contest between the two in the 118th district, which includes Jackson, Swain, and Haywood Counties.  Queen won the first two before losing in 2018.  He spoke with BPR's Jeremy Loeb about why he's running again.

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

Four North Carolina Republicans are taking a symbolic swipe at gay marriage, introducing a measure rejecting a U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex unions in every state.  Bryson City Republican Mike Clampitt is among them.

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

Impact fees are imposed by cities and counties on developers to help pay for infrastructure costs associated with new development.  For example, if a hotel is built a city or county might impose a fee to help pay for any necessary traffic lights, roads, water needs, etc.  HB436 would outlaw the practice.  It was filed by the powerful House Speaker Pro Tem Sarah Stevens of Mt. Airy.  Its only other co-sponsor is Bryson City Republican Mike Clampitt.

WNC Officials Seek Rural Broadband Solutions

Jan 23, 2017
NCBroadband.org, 2016

Representatives cite adequate broadband as essential to economic development

As technology advances, Basic access to broadband internet is essential to everything from economic development to education. Yet access is lacking in many areas throughout Western North Carolina, and officials like state Representative Kevin Corbin want to better connect the region.

Lawmaker Interview: Rep. Mike Clampitt of NC 119

Jan 20, 2017
Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

North Carolina lawmakers will head back to Raleigh with some new members representing parts of western North Carolina.  Earlier, we profiled Cody Henson, a Republican of Brevard.  Today we introduce the new face of the 119th district encompassing Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties.  Republican Mike Clampitt has run for this seat several times before.  In November, he finally got over the top, eking out a win over incumbent Democrat Joe Sam Queen by just around 300 votes.

Lawmakers Gaveled in Long Session Wednesday

Jan 10, 2017
Asheville Citizen-Times

Lawmakers gaveled in a new session in Raleigh Wednesday.

Carolina Public Press

The Tuesday North Carolina Primary will determine who will challenge incumbent Democratic State Representative Joe Sam Queen in House District 119 and political newcomer Democrat Randy Hogsed of Andrews in House District 120 . Holly Kays is a reporter with the Smoky Mt. News. She spoke with David Hurand.