Mainspring Conservation Trust

Fred Alexander

Last week, Mainspring Conservation Trust in Franklin was packed with locals and members to congratulate director Sharon Taylor on her retirement. 

“I’m overwhelmed at the number of people that have come out to congratulate me,” says Taylor. 

When Taylor started at the organization in 2001 with founder Paul Carlson, the mission was to help conserve the land known as the Needmore Tract along the Little Tennessee River. 

Lilly Knoepp

The Franklin Town Council has voted to transfer the deed to the ancient Nikwasi Mound to a nonprofit.   

The hall broke out into applause after the town council voted unanimously in favor of transferring the property to the Nikwasi Initiative - a nonprofit made up of representatives from Franklin, Macon County, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Mainspring Conservation Trust.

Hope Huskey is on the board of the Nikwasi Initiative and a member of the Eastern Band.  


Lilly Knoepp

  There are over 20 land trusts in North Carolina.  BPR sought to find out what a land trust does at an event intended to teach millennials the answer.