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Turkeys get to have their moment in November.  BPR shares some facts about the birds - and how a regional management plan helped spur the resurgence of turkey population. 

“Gooble Gooble” is not quite the sound turkeys make… 

(Turkey call)  

That was an assembly call. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, it brings a flock together.  Chris Coxen is district biologist for the Federation in North Carolina.  He says turkeys have a multitude of calls. Many are imitated by hunters to lure the birds to them. 

Photo courtesy of Dogwood Health Trust

Since the sale of Mission Health earlier this year, the foundation tasked with spending the profits of the deal has been quiet.  BPR got an update from the chair of the organization’s board:

Lilly Knoepp

  It’s been almost six months since Mission Health was sold to for-profit HCA Health. North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein visited two Mission Hospitals this week to see how the aftermath of the sale is transpiring.  BPR caught up with him at Transylvania Regional Hospital in Brevard. 


Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition

  Murphy-based nonprofit Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition has a new name this month after a merger with Asheville conservation nonprofit Mountain True. Here’s what this expansion means for the region: 


Callie Moore has been the director of Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition for over 15 years so she’s still getting used to answering the phone by saying, “Hello, Mountain True.” 


“We’ve already changed the signage and the outgoing voicemail and everything,” says Moore.


Photo courtesy of Western Carolina University

This week, Western Carolina University Board of Trustees approved increased fees and rates for the 2019-20 academic year. Overall, mandatory fees paid by students will increase by $48 dollars per year or 1.7 percent.

This includes an $8 increase in the health services feel, $14 increase in the student activity fee and a $26 per year increase in the university’s athletics fee as well as other increases.

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Mission Health has finalized their deal with HCA but it isn’t done yet. The deal is currently on the desk of NC Attorney General Josh Stein. Stein is expected to approve or amend the deal near the end of November.

Mission Health’s deal will affect 18 counties in Western North Carolina so each community has a chance to send letters to Stein voicing their concerns about the deal or their support.

Lilly Knoepp

The first piece of a project connecting historical sites of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee is complete.  When the full project is finished, a cultural corridor will run over 60 miles along the Little Tennessee River from Rabun County in Georgia to the town of Cherokee on the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina. The effort has been a long time coming.

Photo by Bear Allison (Courtesy of The Museum Of The Cherokee Indian)

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is hoping to improve attendance and inspire new artists through its newest expansion.


A new room at the Museum of the Cherokee won’t be full of any ancient artifacts.  Museum director Bo Taylor says, instead, it will be a gallery space for local artists.


Why The Chief Pontiac Statue Is Coming Down

Jun 8, 2018
Matt Bush

Controversy has erupted in West Asheville over the removal of “Chief Pontiac” the 23-foot-tall Native American statue that looks down on the town from car dealership Harry’s On The Hill.