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This week, WCQS gardening expert Alison Arnold talks about the dramatic swings in temperature and what gardeners should do about it.

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With lawmakers back in Raleigh for their long session, we’re taking the time to speak to the members from out here in the west.  Today, Brian Turner, a Democrat of Buncombe County.  Turner represents District 116 in the House of Representatives.

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Democratic Governor Roy Cooper on Tuesday introduced an HB2 repeal he framed as a compromise.  Cooper, along with Democratic party leaders Sen. Dan Blue and Rep. Darren Jackson, said the bill would address the concerns of all parties.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has joined with at least 16 other state attorneys general in opposing President Trump's executive order temporarily halting immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations.  Stein, a Democrat, says the order is contrary to American values, undermines our standing in the world and weakens our national security. 


With lawmakers back in Raleigh, we’re talking to some of the representatives from out west.  Today, Josh Dobson, a Republican of Nebo who serves the 85th district that spans Avery, McDowell and Mitchell Counties.  He’s in his 3rd term.  

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NPR will be in Asheville on Tuesday February 7th for the latest 'Going There' event.  Weekend All Things Considered host Michel Martin will lead a night of performances and discussion on the topic 'What Happens When Your Hometown Gets Hot?' at the Diana Wortham Theater.  Tickets for the event have sold out but there will be a live stream that night to watch.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter by following @NPRMichel and @WCQS using the hashtag #HotHometown.

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With lawmakers back in Raleigh for the long session, we’re talking to some of those legislators out here in the west.  Representing the farthest district west in the Senate is Republican Jim Davis.  District 50 covers some ground, spanning seven counties: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, and Swain.  Davis resides in Franklin.  The 70-year-old Senator has been in dentistry for over four decades.  He’ll still be a practicing orthodontist on Mondays and Fridays in Franklin even during the long session.

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As lawmakers head back to Raleigh for their long session, we’ve been talking to some of those legislators from out here in the west.  One of the most influential lawmakers from our region is expected to be Representative Chuck McGrady, a Republican of Henderson County.  McGrady will hold key positions in the legislature.   Most notably as co-chair of the House Appropriations Committee, McGrady will have a key role in shaping the two year budget.  I asked him about the recent special sessions, one in which lawmakers effectively stripped a number of powers from incoming Democratic Governor R

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North Carolina lawmakers will head back to Raleigh with some new members representing parts of western North Carolina.  Earlier, we profiled Cody Henson, a Republican of Brevard.  Today we introduce the new face of the 119th district encompassing Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties.  Republican Mike Clampitt has run for this seat several times before.  In November, he finally got over the top, eking out a win over incumbent Democrat Joe Sam Queen by just around 300 votes.

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With the North Carolina legislature set to get to work on the 25th for its long session, we’re profiling a couple of the new faces from out here in the west.

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Andrew Jones is co-director of Climate Interactive, a non-profit international group with employees housed in Asheville's Collider climate change innovation center.    He stopped by WCQS a few weeks after the election of Donald Trump to speak with Jeremy Loeb about the group's work and what he called his hopeful outlook as many in the industry are concerned about having a so-called "climate denier" in the White House.  

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Lawmakers gaveled in a new session in Raleigh Wednesday.

Q: Flowering holiday plants can add color to the home or office as a gift or simply as holiday color.. so when I say the words “Holiday Plant” what first comes to mind?

A: Poinsettia of course! A definite Holiday plant found in red, pink, gold, white and a variety of both traditional and funky non traditional variegated colors.

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An effort to repeal HB2 flamed out as NC GOP leadership failed to corral the votes necessary.  Senate Leader Phil Berger refused to consider a clean repeal of HB2, instead offering a bill that would include a 6 month moratorium on non-discrimination ordinances across the state.  That was a non-starter for Democrats, who said they had held up their end of the bargain when the Charlotte city council fully repealed its ordinance earlier Wednesday.  After 9 hours of waiting for leadership to get the votes, several parliamentary maneuvers were introduced, that ultimately failed. 

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There were more protests and arrests Friday as lawmakers continued their surprise additional special session to limit the powers of Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper.  On party-line votes, both chambers passed SB4, a bill that includes broad election changes.  It was quickly signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory, according to House Speaker Tim Moore.  The legislature also passed HB17, which restricts Cooper's ability to make appointments.

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Environmental groups are worried about what a Trump presidency means for our changing climate.  But for the climate change innovation center The Collider, its effort to foster private sector climate change solutions could take on greater significance if the government falls behind.  Donald Trump has promised to relax environmental rules, pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, and called climate change a "hoax" perpetrated by China.  

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An event Monday at ISIS Restaurant and Music Hall in Asheville aims to bring together people with talent and people seeking that talent.  Talent Jam gives participants a chance to make 60 second pitches to either speak for their talent or for the talent they're seeking.  It's like a job fair, but not, explains Daniel Kairoff, creative director for the event.  Kairoff says it's a way to get people connected in a challenging job market.  He stopped by WCQS to talk about the event.  

Click the audio to hear the full interview with Kairoff.  

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State lawmakers returning to Raleigh next year now have a big job to do:  redrawing their own districts.  A unanimous court ruling mandated the legislature redraw maps and hold special elections in November of 2017.  This comes after the same court found the Republican-dominated legislature’s maps unconstitutional for racial gerrymandering.  Democratic Representative Brian Turner of Buncombe County says this latest ruling re-emphasizes the need for independent redistricting.

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Thanksgiving is a busy time of year at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  And thanks to an archival cookbook, we also know a bit about what the Vanderbilts chose to do for their Thanksgiving meals, at least in 1904.  Lori Garst is Associate Curator at Biltmore Estate.  She sat down with WCQS's Jeremy Loeb to talk about it.

Protests aren’t new, certainly in Asheville.  But with the vitriol of the recent election still fresh on people’s minds, they’ve taken on a new intensity.  Intensity is something Maria "Masha" Alyokhina knows something about.  Alyokhina is a member of the feminist Russian punk band Pussy Riot, known now all around the world for its defiant opposition to Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

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Hundreds of protesters voiced their opposition to President-elect Donald J. Trump Saturday in downtown Asheville.  They gathered in front of the federal courthouse and marched down Patton Avenue to Pack Square in front of Vance Memorial chanting such slogans as "Love Trumps Hate," "This is what democracy looks like," and "Not my president."  

26-year-old Frederick Billings called watching the election results "traumatic" and said he didn't think people voted rationally.

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WCQS's Helen Chickering and Jeremy Loeb gathered sound from precincts in and around Asheville.  Stay tuned to WCQS for continuing election coverage.    

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With election day almost upon us, both campaigns are making a final push to rally support in North Carolina.  Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made a return visit to Asheville on Saturday.  If you’re going to come to Asheville, it’s appropriate to stop at a brewery.  Chelsea Clinton was in Asheville in late September for a visit to the climate change center The Collider.  This time, she visited Twin Leaf Brewery at South Slope downtown.  Just like the last event, she spoke for a short time to rally support for her mom, before taking questions.  The first question was about student loans

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This story originally aired as part the 2016 WCQS Election Special which can be heard in its entirety here.  

This election has seemed to go on for ages, and election fatigue is a very real thing.  But if you think you’re tired, think about the people working the campaign.  From the campaign workers themselves to the volunteers, there are a lot of people doing a lot of work this election.

Democratic Georgia Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis is in Charlotte today trying to rally voters to the polls.  He'll lead a march he says reminds him of marches he lead in Alabama in the 1960s.  Lewis' visit comes as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tries to gin up enthusiasm during North Carolina's early voting period, which ends Saturday.  Turnout numbers among black voters are down from where they were this time 4 years ago.  He spoke with WCQS's Jeremy Loeb about those concerns, and about the ongoing legal battle over voting rights in North Carolina.

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With early voting wrapping up on Saturday in North Carolina, both presidential campaigns are targeting the state in a big way.  Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be in the state today:  Donald Trump for rallies in Concord and Selma.  Hillary Clinton in Raleigh.  But the edge goes to Clinton in terms of big-name surrogates.  She’ll be joined onstage today by Senator Bernie Sanders.  Chelsea Clinton is scheduled for a get out the vote rally in Asheville on Saturday.  And yesterday, President Barack Obama tried to push Democrats to the polls in Chapel Hill, acknowledging some of the

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President Barack Obama was in Chapel Hill yesterday rallying support for Hillary Clinton.  He also was rallying support for Democratic Senate hopeful Deborah Ross and blasted her opponent, Republican Senator Richard Burr for several controversial remarks he made in audio that was leaked to CNN.

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Republican Senator Richard Burr was caught on tape joking about gun owners putting a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton.  Senator Burr was addressing a private gathering of supporters in Mooresville.  The tape was posted to YouTube and reported on by CNN.  In it, Burr seemed to joke about violence towards Clinton. 

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US Senator Richard Burr is facing criticism for leaked audio revealing several controversial remarks he gave to a private gathering of supporters.  The tape obtained by CNN caught Burr joking about a gun magazine with Hillary Clinton on the cover and wondering why there wasn’t a bullseye on her.  Burr has apologized for that comment.  But also in the tape, Burr makes this comment regarding the Supreme Court. 

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The race for governor in North Carolina is nail-bitingly close.  Republican Governor Pat McCrory has been bogged down for the last six months defending House Bill 2, the state's controversial "bathroom bill."  His opponent, Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper wants it repealed.  That position is supported by gay rights groups and they're making it known.  Two leaders of the LGBT movement were in Asheville stumping for Cooper on Thursday and Friday.