Holly Kays

Holly Kays

Holly Kays studied creative fiction in college and saw herself on a path to becoming a novelist.


“Everybody who likes to write is writing a book at some point,” she said. “Most of those books never actually wind up being written.”

Like most budding novelists, Kays has another job to pay her bills. Unlike most, Kays works for a sympathetic boss.

Carolina Public Press

The Tuesday North Carolina Primary will determine who will challenge incumbent Democratic State Representative Joe Sam Queen in House District 119 and political newcomer Democrat Randy Hogsed of Andrews in House District 120 . Holly Kays is a reporter with the Smoky Mt. News. She spoke with David Hurand.

Brasstown Possum Drop to Resume

Dec 30, 2015

An annual New Year's tradition and an annual controversy is set to resume in Brasstown, Clay County.  The Smoky Mountain News reports a judge has denied a motion from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, for a preliminary injunction that would stop the annual Possum Drop at Clay's Corner store.  The court battle has brewed since 2012 over the tradition in which a live possum is suspended in a decorated crate above a crowd and dropped like the New Year's Eve ball over