Cody Henson

UPDATE: (3:35 p.m. Wednesday) - Republican State representative Cody Henson announced on his Facebook page that he would resign his from his position in the General Assembly, just a day after he said he would not following a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of cyberstalking.


Matt Bush

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders rally last Friday at Salvage Station will likely be the first of many candidate visits to Asheville in the 2020 presidential election cycle.  A large set of circumstances - from its progressive political reputation, to the long ballot of 23 Democratic presidential candidates, to its location in a media market that straddles two states that will vote early in the 2020 primaries - should make Asheville a popular spot for candidates visit before next year's North Carolina primary in March.

BREVARD, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina state lawmaker charged with cyberstalking related to a domestic case has appeared in court for the first time on the allegation.

North Carolina Rep. Henson won't seek re-election in 2020

Mar 27, 2019

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina state lawmaker charged recently with cyberstalking related to a domestic case won't seek re-election next year. Second-term Republican Rep. Cody Henson of Transylvania County announced his decision on Tues.

Henson wrote it was in the best interest of his young children "to step away from the political scene for now" and be there for them. His social media post didn't mention legal problems.

The North Carolina General Assembly has been in session since January.  May 9th was 'crossover day', a self-imposed deadline that separates legislation that has support to pass from that which does not.  Bills that have not passed at least one chamber by May 9th are likely dead through the end of 2020, though there are exceptions.

The North Carolina Democratic Party is calling on Western North Carolina Republican Rep. Cody Henson to resign after a criminal summons was issued against him this week by the Transylvania County's Sheriff's Office.

Lawmaker Interview: Cody Henson of NC 113

Jan 18, 2017
Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

With the North Carolina legislature set to get to work on the 25th for its long session, we’re profiling a couple of the new faces from out here in the west.