BPR Membership Drive

Blue Ridge Public Radio informs you with reliable, fact-checked journalism you can trust and cultural connections you depend on. Both BPR News and BPR Classic and all the programs you love and count on are possible thanks to support from listeners like you.   

BPR’s Fall Membership Drive is happening now, and you can help us meet our goal of $250,000 by Wednesday, September 29.

One year into the pandemic, life is still complex. Now is the time to support the facts and cultural connections you rely on from Blue Ridge Public Radio.   

BPR’s Spring Membership Drive is happening now, and our goal is to raise $225,000 by Wednesday, April 7. With your support, BPR can continue to provide trusted information and civil conversations that help you understand our complicated world and keep you safe.  

Blue Ridge Public Radio is a lot of things to a lot of people across Western North Carolina. It may be your steadfast companion, those familiar voices that you follow throughout the day. For those new to the region, it may be that particular bend of national NPR programming and local flavor that makes WNC feel like home. And for others, it's helping to serve a deep need for local news and cultural programming that connects and informs our diverse communities.