BPR Membership

Many thanks to new and longtime members from across Western North Carolina for showing your support for Blue Ridge Public Radio during our Fall Membership Drive last month. We appreciate how much you value our local, independent journalism, inspiring cultural connections, and beautiful music. 

One year into the pandemic, life is still complex. Now is the time to support the facts and cultural connections you rely on from Blue Ridge Public Radio.   

BPR’s Spring Membership Drive is happening now, and our goal is to raise $225,000 by Wednesday, April 7. With your support, BPR can continue to provide trusted information and civil conversations that help you understand our complicated world and keep you safe.  

In a year like 2020, Blue Ridge Public Radio offers strength and stability during these intensely changing and chaotic times.  

BPR’s reliable local, national, and global news coverage and cultural content helps Western North Carolina listeners better understand one another and the world. For BPR to continue the meet this moment with dedicated expertise and integrity, our trusted public service counts on listener support.  

Thanks to the support of more than 1,650 Members, Blue Ridge Public Radio exceeded the Spring 2020 Membership Drive goal, raising more than $225,000 from March 11 through April 8.

While BPR’s news and cultural programming is free to listen to, it takes real financial resources to make it a reality, particularly during the coronavirus crisis. BPR Members are the core of our existence as a local, independent listener-supported public service. You are essential – thank you!