Beer City USA


Crossover Day passed this month in the North Carolina General Assembly.  The deadline essentially determines which bills have a chance of passing this session.  And two bills that Beer City, USA and its neighbors in Western North Carolina had its eye on made it through.

Matt Bush / Blue Ridge Public Radio

The partial shutdown of the federal government includes the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  Among the agency’s many jobs is approving labels for beer that is bottled and canned.  Delays in that process will force brewers to hold back on new releases.

Making and drinking beer is big business in Asheville and Western North Carolina.  Disruptions to new releases will be felt – not just at breweries, but also in their very unique supply chain.  


Beer and babies – they may sound mutually exclusive at first but many breweries and other establishments that serve alcohol in and around Asheville are trying to cater to both.  Asheville Citizen-Times reporter Mackensy Lunsford took a look at how beer and babies have been mixing in the area - in particular, how br

Matt Bush BPR

Asheville is Beer City USA, with more craft breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.  Other towns in North Carolina have become hot spots for beer, but oat sodas are getting some competition in the craft alcoholic beverage market - in the form of spirits.

Asheville Beer Week

It's now Beer Week in Asheville--a city in Western North Carolina regularly voted "Beer City, U.S.A.".