Audio diaries

Blue Ridge Public Radio

Voice memos are a great way to share your thoughts and concerns with your community. Think of it as sending a voicemail to Blue Ridge Public Radio that can then be played as part of a special segment or a story. Hearing your stories, comments and questions inspires us and helps the radio station succeed in its mission of amplifying the voices of our Western North Carolina community. 

Here's a simple guide to recording and sending in your voice memo. You can send the memo to 

How To Record A Voice Memo

Lilly Knoepp

During this time of social distancing, Blue Ridge Public Radio wants to hear what you are thinking and feeling. The coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts so many different arenas from school and restaurant closures to local businesses and mental health.

How are you and your family members dealing with the virus? Let us know through an audio diary. Below you will find instructions on how to record a voice memo for the Blue Ridge Public Radio news team and some prompts on what to share with us.

Send your memos or questions to