Asheville water system

Matt Bush / Blue Ridge Public Radio

Two areas of Asheville remained under a boil water advisory Tuesday afternoon due to a water line break in the River Arts District the day before.  Other parts of the city are still seeing brown and discolored water, something that could last for the rest of this week.  Meanwhile city leaders are apologizing for a lack of clear communication about which neighborhoods were under boil water advisories and for how long.

MSD Rejects Adding Henderson County Seats

Dec 19, 2017

Updated 6:00am 12/21:  The Metropolitan Sewerage District has voted down a proposal to expand its board with 3 seats for Henderson County.  The 10-1 vote reflected the belief of board members that giving Henderson the same number of seats as Asheville would create an imbalance because Asheville customers make up a majority of those served.  There's also lingering mistrust after the state legislature tried to take over the Asheville water system and turn it over to MSD. 

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

As lawmakers head back to Raleigh for their long session, we’ve been talking to some of those legislators from out here in the west.  One of the most influential lawmakers from our region is expected to be Representative Chuck McGrady, a Republican of Henderson County.  McGrady will hold key positions in the legislature.   Most notably as co-chair of the House Appropriations Committee, McGrady will have a key role in shaping the two year budget.  I asked him about the recent special sessions, one in which lawmakers effectively stripped a number of powers from incoming Democratic Governor R

The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the city of Asheville, allowing it to retain control of its water system.  The decision seemingly ends a years-long struggle over the issue that pitted Republicans in the General Assembly against Democrats that run the city.  The full decision can be read here.


The ongoing drought has led to water restrictions being in some communities in North Carolina.  According to NC Division of Water Resources, a total of 43 public water systems, or 8% of those tracked across the state, have instituted voluntary conservation measures while 12 systems, including Woodfin, are under mandatory conservation because of the drought.

As the city of Flint, Michigan deals with the aftermath of its water crisis, WCQS checked in with Asheville Water Resources Director Jade Dundas to see whether Asheville was in any danger of the same problems.  Dundas said Asheville's water is tested routinely for lead, most recently in the fall.  He says Asheville's water is in excellent quality.  Dundas adds that while workers are on heightened alert because of the contamination in Flint, that hasn't changed any of what they're doing.  He describes how Asheville's water is tested, what it's tested for, and how often in the conversation ab

Public or Private: Who Owns the Water?

Sep 22, 2015
Mike Belleme/Carolina Public Press

Few of us think of who owns the water we drink or who manages the miles of pipes that keeps the precious  resource running to our homes and businesses.   But a population boom in the mountains and  concern about water-rights across the country have raised the issue of who  pays for our water and infrastructure.  Jack Igelman  of Carolina Public  Press, a non-profit news service in Western North Carolina, has the story.

Polk County Considers Water System Deal

Jul 16, 2015

A court decision on the future of the Asheville Water System is expected soon.  The city is challenging a state imposed plan to transfer control of its water system to a regional authority.  In the meantime, a Western North Carolina county is considering a voluntary transfer of control of its water system to a South Carolina Water District.  David Hurand spoke with reporter Jon Elliston with the on-line investigative news service Carolina Public Press about the future of the Polk County Water System.